What was I thinking....

My Exchange 2000 server went down due to hardware failure. I rebuilt the
entire machine and did a restore only I chose to restore all individual
mailboxes instead of the Information Stores. I also restored to a different
directory. I realized my mistake and stopped the restore. I then redid the
restore to get the Information Store and I did not do a redirect and that
worked fine. The Exchange Databases (edb) were on my E drive what is
actually Dell PowerVault storage. The log files were on D which was on my
Dell PowerEdge server.

The Problem...

Since the above happened I have had to rebuild both my Exchange Server and
my BackupExec 8.6 Server. The individual mailboxes that I redirected on the
restore to the E:\OldExchange are corrupt and I cannot delete them. I
receive this error when trying to delete:
Cannot Find Specified????????????????????????????Cannot Delete File

Make sure you to specify the correct path and filename.
I have tried numerous ways to delete the files, from DOS prompt to changing
security permissions, and attributes like toggling read only. All attempts
to change anything in this directory it fails with similar error of "The
System cannot find the file specified"

All help would be appreciated