I have just upgraded from Backup Exec 8.6 to 9.0 and I have a lot of questions.

1) I primarily use BE for Exchange backups. Using the V8.6 I had bricks
backups of 70-80 MB a minute. With V9 I never get above 50. Why? The HW
and SW hasn't changed except for BE.
2) I have this error in the report of all of my backup jobs. It doesn't
seem to affect anything but it is annoying. Error Category: resource errors
- Error Code a000fe2d.hex - Error description: the backup of the item is
bad. Any ideas?
3) If I stop/cancel a job the next time I try and put data to the tape I
get this error "Media is overwrite protected. The media in drive Sony2 is
currently allocated and is not available for overwrite operations." Now
if the backup spans 1 tape and I cancel the job the job waits (without giving
a message) for another tape to write to then cancels the job. So it seems
that the 2nd tape is needed to write the cancel info. Fine. But the tape
only has 64k and then becomes unwriteable. How do I open the tape back up
with out destroying the data on it? Right now I have several tapes with
just 64k out of 40 gb written and I can't write to them.
4) a) On this server I once a week stop all exchange services and perform
a manual copy of all the exchange directories to a backup server. b) I also
do a full file backup of this server using BE. Now seeing these 2 events...
The bricks backup directly after these 2 events slows to 2 mb/min. I need
to run bricks 2 times more before I can get it up to 50 MB (see 1 for the
70 MB question). Why is this? Now some observations, prior to the bricks
run the exchange is deathly slow. We run the bricks and it seems to speed
up the performance of exchange. This is the main use of our using BE for
exchange; the improvement of exchange. But the question is why does the
bricks (and performance of exchange) suffer after a full file backup of the
5) When I inventory a tape there is a splash screen that pops up verifying
that I am running an inventory (this also appears for an erase, backup) how
do I prevent this?

Thank you for all of your help,
Joseph Mitura