I am in the process of setting up v9.0, using exchange and remote
agents. We will not be using a tape rotation, instead using our own

We would like to do a full backup nightly. We use a 9 tape rotation,
one tape for each night, with 4 Friday tapes in a week 1,2,3,4
rotation. Sunday we do an incremental backup.

I would like to set up the tapes to have overwrite protection but am
not sure how to go about it in the best way.

I am familiar with v. 7.5 and 8.0 which we use on our Novell servers,
and they do not have this option. Should I even worry about it? What
happens in the event we forget to change tapes? With our current
system, it just overwrites last nights backup, not an ideal solution,
but at least we end up with a backup. How should I be setting up my

And suggestions on how to set this up would be very appreciated. Also,
any suggestions on changing our backup scheme would also be
appreciated as our new drive uses substantially more expensive tapes
and if I can cut costs a little I would like to be able to.


Chris Empey
Systems Network Manager
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