I have recently upgraded from BE 7.2 on NT4 to BE 8.6 on Windows 2000 Server/
I have a Python Autoloader tape drive with a 4 tape magazine. This drive
runs nightly incrementals (full backup is done on another drive). The backups
are based on 2 backup jubs, 1 Job runs Tues, Wed, Thurs with each night using
a single tape, while the other job runs on the 4th tape every night of the
weekend, I keep all my incremental media in a single media set with both
jobs acccess. To load the media with 7.2, I would have to load Tape 1 at
the beginning of the week, then when a job completed the autoloader would
load the next tape. Now with 8.6 if I select the tape it gives an Element
Full Error and pauses the Device, and if I don't select the tape, it seems
to randomly pick the tape. I assume this is where I need to partition the
drive but I am not sure how it should be done (I know the commands, just
don't how the partitions relate to job/ mediaset/ slot) Any help will be