I wanted to add to my post below that we have removed this drive and tested
it on a bench and hooked up to another server and it would consistently read
a tape. The fact that it will respond to the software seems to rule out
hardware and point to BE as the problem.

I am running BE Ver 8.60 Rev 3878 on a Compaq DL380 Win2k Server to an external
Compaq (Quantum) DLT 40/80. We have the add on options of Server Option,
Agent for Microsoft SQL Server 2k, and Remote Agent for Win NT /2000 Option.
I have been using this setup for about a year and am on my fourth drive,
each one working for a while then each one giving the same trouble. Eventually
they will start giving messages of "loading Media" and or "Unrecognized Media".
They will do this when trying to run a scheduled backup, a manual backup,
Inventory, or Catalog. Sometimes the drive will blink yellow for a few minutes
like it is reading the tape then go to green, or ready to eject, and the
job will fail. Right now the software shows "Loading Media" and the drive
blinks yellow until we cancel the job. We have let it run up to 60 hrs like
this. The first replacement drive did not fix the problem, but the second
did, for a while. We have attempted to fix it again with a 4th drive but
it is not helping this time. Sometimes the jobs will not cancel and we have
to go to Manage, Services, and stop and restart all the BE services to kill
the job. We have been blaming hardware but I am now exploring the possibility
that it is software related. I have reloaded the latest drivers for my DLT
Thanks for any help.