We have a rather strange setup. We are running BE 8.6 with 2
tape drives to back up two servers. One tape drive we dedicate to
the local server, and the other, using the Remote Agent, we use
to backup a remote server.

We've installed IDR and I have created the bootable CD's for
both servers no problem. My question and perhaps a potential
problem, is how to separate out the DR files for the different
servers. IF IDR can protect remote servers (as it Veritas says
it can) than how can I get the DR files to go separate places?

With the Options, Disaster Recovery, you can specify an
alternate location for the DR files in case your hard drive
dies. That's fine, and the IDR automatically places the DR files
into this directory when a full backup is run. However, since a
full backup for server 1 (local) consists of only the local
drives, and is stored on Tape1 and all the IDR for that backup
goes to the alternate DR directory on another machine, what then
happens when a full backup is done for server 2 (remote) stored
on Tape2? Is the DR information overwritten with the info from
Server2, destroying all the DR from Server1? Or is all of it then
combined into one DR file? If that's the case, what problems
will this cause if a restore is required? Is there a way to
specify two alternate DR paths, one for server1 and another for

Any help would be appreciated....

Michael Boyer
Technology Support Specialist
City of Westbrook, ME