I have BE 8.6 for SBS. I have a scehuled job set up to run every day and I
have a notification sent when the job complletes, fails, or needs attention.
I recently have tried to set it up so the backup log text file gets sent as
to what was backed up. It dosent seem to want to send the log file...

It will only send an email with the log file attached when I right click on
the scheduled job, and go to new schedule, and set up the email notification
from there.

Thats not what I want to do...I just want it to send an email with the log
attached to it with the scheduled job that is scheduled to run every night.

Is there a way that I can set this up to automatically send the attachment?

I read the book and in Veritas KB's and used the resources from there, but
it didnt seen to work...

I even deleted the scheduled job and recreated it so that it should have
sent an attachment with the email...

Any ideas???

Advice is appreciated...

Travis Krampy
Pittsburgh PA