Hi all

I am having difficulties with BE 8.6 on a W2K SP3 box, In that the backup
runs at it's scheduled time correctly but after backing up approx 9gb of
data to a Dell (Benchmark) DLT VS-80 drive, the error below shows and the
backup fails.. This has been occurring since the backup solution was
installed a couple of weeks ago. When I run a backup manually of the system
state from four servers it completes with no errors.

Storage device "DELL 1" reported an error on a request to report current
logical media address.

Error reported:
No media in drive.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The firmware has been updated from 4022 to 5032, and the tape driver changed
from Veritas' own to a proprietary one.

I have read (several times) tn 190557 and carried out checks and
recommendations there to no avail.

Anyone have any ideas??

Thanks in Advance..