I am backing up a remote machine with 8.6 3878 using OFM.

The machine with the back up and the machine I am backing up are 2000
machines with SP3

I learned long ago to put in a separate drive for OFO so there is a separate
20G Drive as Z: that is empty just for OFO. NO FILES ARE HERE and it is not
backed up. This gets rid of the not enough quite time and stops BE from
putting OTMsnapshot.otm on the drive it is backing up..

There are 4 drives C:, D:, E:, F:. It to fails on one almost every day.
Mostly it fails on C,D, or E randomly. Most of the time there is only one
failure per backup and it never fails on the SQL server backup..

The error:

Remote Agent for Windows NT/2000 not present - performing standard backup

WARNING: Media servers cannot completely protect remote

Windows 2000 servers or workstations unless the Backup

Exec Remote Agent for Windows NT/2000 is installed

and running on each remote Windows 2000 server or

workstation to be protected. Data loss can occur if the

Remote Agent for Windows NT/2000 is not running

while backing up remote Windows 2000 computers.

Please refer to the documentation or online help for more information.