In my case, I called Veritas, and they confirmed there was a problem with
the motherboard revision of the Dell server. I had to call Dell and convince
them to replace the motherboard to a newer revision. No more reboots after
"Bob" wrote:
>I am having the same problem with one of my 2250's. It only reboots during
>FULL backups, and only when it's backing up one particular drive. Did you
>ever get any resolution with DELL?
>"David Brigner" wrote:
>>I have two PE2550s, and one of mine has always had issues rebooting during
>>backup (my reboots happen during full backups). I tried to work this thru
>>Veritas, and was told that there was a problem with one of Dell's motherboard
>>revisions, and to contact Dell. The Veritas rep even gave me a Dell case
>>number to reference, once I was on line with their support group. Of course,
>>the Dell rep said that issue had nothing to do with the rebooting issue

>>blew off the problem.
>>I'm still rebooting during backups...
>>"Jorge" wrote:
>>>I'm having this problem, which seems to be very common. I wonder why

>>>hasn't done anything about it, since it seems to be affecting so many

>>>I have a Poweredge 2550 server, with a Python DDS 4 tape drive running

>>>(3878) and Windows 2000 AS. I have installed OFO,IDR and Remote Agent

>>>options. When doing backups, it reboots after 10-15 minutes into the

>>> I've seen multiple posts regarding this in this newsgroup, and also here
>>>If anyone has found an answer, I'd really appreciate if they let me know.