Currently, Veritas Backup Exec is running on a Windows 2000 Server. A full
image backup of the system has been performed and an Intelligent Diaster
Recovery (IDR)diskette has been created. The system has been restored onto
a Backup Windows 2000 server (identical to the primary system). We are using
the Backup Windows 2000 Server to test the recovery procedure.

During the recovery process, the System State was NOT successfully restored
onto the backup server. Instead, we had to use the Windows NT Backup option
to completely backup the system state on the primary system, then archived
the information onto a CD. The CD (containing the system state) was restored
onto the Backup Windows 2000 Server.

In conclusion, we were unable to use IDR to recover the system state. Can
anyone provide information that will allow us to use IDR only (without having
to combine it with Windows NT backup)?