I have a couple of different issues with the ofo option. Here is the background
the the server's I am using:

My backup server is also an active directory domain controller with exchange
loaded on it. From this server, Backup Exec 8.6 is having ofo trouble with
a Windows 2000 server with SQL loaded on it.

Upon receiving an error that indicated that my maximum ofo needed to be increased,
I did so. In fact, I've increased it to the maximum of 10000. I still get:
OFO: Static file on device running OFO has grown to maximum size (10000 MB)
and cannot be incremented anymore

I also see an error in the backup log of a corrupt file. According to tech
note # 237362, the OFO error may be the cause of the corrupt file message,
and not the other way around. Just for good measure, I took that file out
of the backup job, but it found several other files that it thought might
be corrupted.

I've also read that I may need to allow Backup Exec to handle the minimum
and maximum, but this approach also failed for me. I mapped a drive to a
different server (not being involved in the backup) and I get an error that

Volume name is invalid or not available.

I've looked at TechNote ID: 233969, and followed the directions (including
adding the "\" at the end of the drive letter). I still get the same error.

I've also tried the hotfix (# 12 I think) that specifically mentions OFO.

Guess what I'm trying to say is, HELP!