I note my yesterday's backup job failure and in the Alert tab, there are two
alerts as below:-

Device: F:.
OFO: Not enough disk space on device running OFO to create or increment the
static volume.
A minimum of 30 MB of available disk space to start the OFO operation is
needed; during the backup, 10 percent of the capacity of the disk must be

This backup set may not contain any data.
Backup of "I: "
Backup set #3 on storage media #1
Backup set description: "Media created 06/03/01 11:14:18 PM"

The first one seems a false statement. The partition still has 36% (4GB)
space left. The second one is also untrue since this is a differential

I also checked the log file of the failed job. It also memtioned a file
under drive F is corrupted so the verification fails. The file (mail file
of Lotus Notes) in fact is not corrupted since it is used by a client. I
erased the tape and run the job again. The result persists but this time
other mail file said to be corrupted. Of course not. Any idea of possible
causes and fixes?