Perhaps ...

But the last time that I looked at CommVault, they wouldn't give me even
a time-limited version to install my-self. They assured me that their product
was so different from any other backup solution that I had ever used that
I HAD to have one of their SEs install the software for me and help me set
it up.

I went around and around with them, and they just couldn't see my point:
If a piece of software is so complicated that I have to have help setting
it up, or if the supplied documentation is so poor that I can't use it, there
is NO WAY that I will use it, since when I do need it, I won't have time
to wait for their SE to return a phone call or make a site call.

I did like what I saw in the demo, but it was, after all, only a demo.

"Randy Weis" wro
>CommVault is the answer!
>Tremble, mighty Veritas, for CommVault actually cares about customers!