Hi All,

I was about to do a major restore on our emails and had a little problem. As
I started our old server, I automatically put the tape I was going to
restore from. But, as soon as Backup Exec started, it decided that it was
going to perform an old scheduled event and started to Load Media in order
to write.. No matter how much I pressed Eject on the button and tried to
press Cancel, I fear it may have been too late. It first rewound the tape
for ages and then I was able to press cancel and eject the disc... I was
sure my data was safe but now the tape thinks it backuped up on todays date:
03/09/2002 but I am sure the information on it is from 19/08/2002 and I
really need to restore from that date, no later, or earlier.

So, basically, the tape thinks it's got backup from 03/09/2002 whilst it
only has data from 19/08/2002 which is what I need to restore. Obvisouly it
keeps on failing.. Any ideas as to how I can recover that data?