Further to my previous post regarding WMI & RSM backup problems on my 200
server. I have run the BEDIAG utility on all my servers and the one that is
having problems with backing up those services, has a status code of 0x64,
this is the only server that has this. I have re-installed the agent
accelerator and it still has the same status code, and backing up the WMI &
RSM details fail. If anyone has seen this or knows where I can get further
information, your help would be appreciated.

**Part of report from BEDIAG**
[Agent Accelerator for Windows NT/2000]
Language: 0x0
StatusCode: 0x64
[Backup Exec]
[Agent Accelerator]
AddedToRNR: 0x1
LogBackups: 0x0
CommBufferCount: 0x10
CommBufferSize: 0x10000
XPause: 0x1
XPauseTime: 0x0
FsUseAsyncIo: 0x1
FollowHardLinks: 0x1
HonorFilesNotToBackUp: 0x1

Ashley Hartge