Here's the warning --
"OFO: Warning: Job submitted with 'Use Open File Option if available' or
'Use Intelligent Image Option if available' enabled;
however, these components were not completely installed on target machine
or the Backup Exec service account does not have administrator rights.

Performing Remote Agent backup"

This is BE 8.6 with latest updates and fixes installed. We have two servers
on the same domain. One is running Windows 2000 Server and BE 8.6. The
second server is running Windows 2000 and Exchange Server 2000. BE 8.6 has
Exchange Agent and Remote Backup installed. We've had to install and
reinstall these programs many times to finally get it working this well. We
encountered a whole series of failed jobs up to now, and I have to say that
the Veritas support site wasn't much help. For a program that costs this
much, and with well-known problems that Veritas already knows about, it just
seems to require too much digging and messing around to finally get it to
work. -- Well, it works now (at least we think it does), but this message
keeps showing up. The BE account for sure has administrative rights, and
we've followed the installation guides point-by-point several times, so what
else needs to be done? Or can we safely ignore this message? Let's say our
confidence in this program has been shaken - and it's not a good feeling!

Thanks. Leon