My system has been running 100% with the following
Win2000 Server 512MB DDR2700 and Intel P4 2.4GHz
Win2000 Pro Workstation connected on Lan

Prior to upgrading the server to 1 GB of Ram (2 x 512MB), the backup would
work 100%.
After upgrading the Ram, the backup would fail trying to backup the
The only thing which was changed was the amount of Ram in the server.
The error is as follows.

Backup started on 20/08/2002 at 16:36:02 .
Drive is not responding. Backup set aborted.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^

If I removed the extra Ram, it would work again.

I eventually found the culprit to be Norton AntiVirus Corp Ed 7.51, I
uninstalled it and the backup now works.

The other problem is, if the backup is backing up the workstation and I
start the Network Monitor on the server, the
backup will give me the same error msg as soon as Network Monitor starts to
Note: This does not happen with 512MB only 1GB of Ram.

Is this a known problem with Backup Exec and Norton?
Do I need to upgrade Norton to V7.6?