I'm running Bent V 8.6 Build 3878

i have defined a backup job wich is supposed to do a daily full-backup to
different hard drives. I have one harddrive for each weekday, on weekends i
backup the Friday's harddrive to DLT.

My Backup-to-Disk drives are labeled Monday thru Friday and are members of
the a backup-pool "Daily Backup" where they have the priority 1 thru 5. The
overwrite limit is set to 6 days.

Now I expect the backup to first use the monday-drive and on the next day
continue with the tuesday drive and so on. Next week it should use the
monday drive again since it has the highest priority and the overwrite limit
has passed.

But BE ignores the priority settings and backs up in random order to the

What am I doing wrong?

Greetings, Peter Fahsel.