I have just installed BackupExec 8.0 build 3115 on a NT 4.0 server. I have
a Seagate Hornet 20 SCSI Travan drive installed. I can run all of the device
operations, erase retension, relabel, etc. But whenever I try to run an actual
backup job, be it scheduled or by selecting run now, I get the same alert

"Launched job failed to run. Return error code = 0x0,0x5,0x2".

I have looked at the Veritas KB articles and I am not changing the name
of the job. I have tried defining the job manually and with the wizard, I
have gone with all the default settings and I have customized the settings,
but I still get the same alert and then the job goes on hold.

I am using the same version of BE on another network with a DLT libray and
I have no problems there. Any help would be appreciated.