Our usual domain admin has recently handed over all of the backup responsibility
to a temporary network admin, who has managed to grab the wrong cartridge
and used the quick erase function rather than moving the media into scratch.
The same day I found I needed to restore something from that tape.
I have used mtfcheck and know that the End Of Data (EOD) marker is right
at the start of the tape (). I know that the file I need is
sitting somewhere past this. I have read that the firmware prevents the drive
from ignoring the EOD marker. I have read solutions[!] such as powering off
the server while it is appending past the EOD will [maybe] get past this,
but again the chance of failure is pretty damn high. I know that companies
out of the States will use proprietary equipment to get around this for a
fee (in US Dollars... scary).
Does anyone know if there is a driver for a Sony SDT10000 or a piece of software
that I can use to read the data that is past the EOD?