Our DBAs have a method of taking databases in and out of production by renaming
the database and placing it into single user mode. This is a very common
practice for this group and is almost always successful. Sometimes, after
these actions take place, we get a failure of one of these databases with
the following error message:

"An error occurred on a query to database ChangedName. Unable to open the
item ChangedName - skipped."

There could be 10 databases in single user mode on the server and 9 of them
back up successfully, yet only one will fail with this message. I understand
that single user does mean 1 user at a time, but DBAs insist that there is
no other activity going on in the database during the attempted backup.
Changing the DB to read-only corrects the problem.

Software Version Information:
Backup Exec 8.6 build 3878 with SQL Agent
Windows NT Server 4.0 SP6
Remote SQL7.0 with no SP

Any thoughts or common experiences?

Matthew Gibson