I am using BE 8.6 and tried the Backup-to-disk feature, but it creates a single
backup file with all of the files backed up. What I am needing is a way
to copy files from one server to another, while keeping the file permissions.
When we had ArcServe there was a backup option that allowed a copy, and
I have not been able to find that in BE. We are trying to migrate a large
amount of data (1TB)to a new server and we do not want to have the downtime
that is associated with going to and from tape and the BKF file will consume
too much space to try and extract. Please e-mail me if you have any suggestions.
Oh yeah, we were trying to do this in 2 stages, a full while the systems
were on-line then a incremental during the downtime. I know I can use the
resource kit utils to copy files with permissions, but the full copy will
take a couple of days to complete and that utility will not set the archive
bit so I can only get the changed files.