Howdy all,

I have an issue with an NT4 Server running Backup Exec 7.3. The backups
have been failing for some time now. I finally got a backup to run
yesterday, but it stopped running at about 3GB out of the 9GB it's supposed
to get. The job status indicated it was still backing up, but the byte
count was not changing. I tried to abort the job, but the system was in
abort pending status for almost 24 hours.
I closed the program and stopped all the services. I was able to restart
them all, but Backup Exec will not restart. I had seen this issue earlier
this week, but do not know what is happening. If I restart the server, I
can open Backup Exec. Backup Exec will only not open if I restart all the
services on the server.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Nick Jarratt