I have installed 2 new servers, both running Windows 2000 Server. One of the
servers is also running MS Exchange 2000. I have installed the BE Exchange
agent and the BE Remote Agent. The problem I am running into is that as soon
as I try to select the remote Exchange server on the BE media server (which
is the server not running exchange) I receive a pop-up stating "Media Servers
cannot completely protect remote Windows 2000 servers or workstations unless
the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows NT/2000 is installed and running
on each remote Windows 2000 server or workstation to be protected".

At the same time as this message appears the Remote Agent service on the
Exchange server stops. I can go to the Exchange server and restart the service
but as soon as the Backup Exec software tries to interact with the Exchange
server the Remote Agent service stops. I have the RA service logging on as
an account that has Domain Admins and Domain Users rights.

I tried reregistering the agent on the BE server as described in TechNote
ID: 239756 to no avail. I also removed and reinstalled the agent from the
BE server through Add/Remove Programs.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.