We have a multi-server site.

We have one Novell server running V8.0 Revision 4111 Multer-Server - that's

We have a M/Soft NT Server (V4.5) running Backup Exec for Windows NT and
Windows 2000 Version 8.5 Server Edition.

We have also got the Backup Agent for Netware, but when we backup the Novell
server from the NT server we get the message : "Unable to initialise Remote
Agent for Windows NT/2000 - performing standard backup" - It appears to work,
but I am uncertain what the problem is. Can anyone help?

We have one other NT server which is a primary domain different to the above
but no tape drive and we would like to backup up this sever from the existing

We are installing a third NT server which will have a tape drive and we will
then need to backup all 3 NT servers from each of the 2 servers that have
a tape drive installed.

The question is : What software do we need to enable te above strategy to
be adopted?

Thanks in anticipation for your help.


Mike Ede