I have a customer who has been using Backup Exec 8.6 for SBS for some months
without incident.

Last week, the Exchange Server stopped responding, and services would not
restart. A reboot of the server took 1.5 hours to come up, and then there
was no access to Exchange Server and shared files / network resources.

Through a lengthy process of elimination( stopping all non-microsoft
services one at a time and rebooting), I have isolated the slow bootup
problems to the Backup Exec services.

I have attempted to remove and reinstall Backup Exec, but the same errors
occur. There is nothing recorded in the event logs.

The server seems to freeze at the screen that says "Applying Personal
Settings" when the Administrator attempts to log on.

This is a Pentium 4 1GHz server, with 1Gb RAM, and RAID5 array, using a
Seagate DDS4 DAT drive, for which the Veritas driver is loaded.

Can anyone provide any assistance with this issue?

Steve Teece
Network Administrator
Arundel Computes