There have been a few posts regarding this subject, and they dont seem to
get answered. I hope its different to this post as is getting extremely

I recently upraded from an NT 4.0 domain to Active Directory. In addition I
also upgraded from Exchange 5.5 Exchange 2000. When file selection process,
I noticed that all there is against our exchange server are the individual
mailboxes and to the information store. Is thiis to do with my agent?

In any case, I a m attemppting to get mailbox backups working, and I am
unable to attach to them. I have gone through all the related articles on
the veritas knowledge base with absolutely no success. If anyone else had a
struggle like this before I would really like to hear from them ...
especially if they sorted out the problem.

Just a quick summary of what was done

Admin account was copied and a mailbox was created.
Account was made the login account for the BE Services
Account was given Ful Administrator rights on the Exchange Server
Services stopped BEWINUI was renamed then services restarted
Logged on the the Backup server with Exchange account and attempted

Im pretty sure that everything

Any assistance would be really really appreciated

Kind Regards
Peter Louskos