My Scenario: I need to run 3 backup jobs onto 1 tape per night (mon>fri).
I have setup standard GFS method thru the automated backup strategy wizard.
Here is what I have for 'monday':

Job1: backs up data & sys state (OFO enabled, follow junction points
Job2: backs up data & sys state (OFO disabled, follow junction points
Job3: backs up SQL & Exchange

All tapes initially in 'scratch set' (have 20 tapes for the year). Iv'e set
Job1 to 'overwrite' with Jobs2 & 3 to 'append' - is this correct?. The
above constitutes FULL backups and all 3 jobs onto one tape. Tue>Thu I need
'DIFF' backups, but I still need all 3 of the Jobs to go onto 1 tape for
each night (tue>thu) - what is the best way to achieve this and avoid any
'please insert overwritable media' alerts etc.

I simply want all 3 jobs backing up onto 1 tape per night (mon>fri) in a
standard GFS type it best to create each job manually...if so,
how should this be done given my above scenario?... or should I use the
'automated backup strategy wizard'. I have had several alerts to 'insert
overwritable media' even tho I'm pretty sure i have set up my jobs to append
correctly etc... Does the fact that I'm running '3' jobs onto 1 tape per
night have an impact on the 'rotation' cycle or 'append' period being used
up too quickly?

any help greatly appreciated

- ras -