I backup about a dozen different Windows 2000 (SP2) servers. On two of them
I'm getting this problem.

When BacukpExec 8.5 tries to backup certain drives (C$ in the case of one
server and D$ in the case of another), I get following messages like the

Unable to attach to \\servername\C$.
Access is denied.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Unable to attach to \\servername\C$.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The service account used to backup everything (as well as on the server that's
actually doing the backup) is a domain admin. All the servers belong to
the same domain. Since that account is a domain admin, it also has admin
privledges on all the server's I'm backing-up.

Just in case that was a problem, the service account was also explicitly
added to the local Administrator's group these two problem servers. That
made no difference.

Further, the drives that I'm trying to backup have very simple permissions:
EVERYONE = FULL CONTROL. The drive appears Ok locally, I can read/write
to from it and browse it - even connec to it from the network. Just in case
there was some corruption problem, I ran a CHKDSK /F on the the drives too.
That too made no difference.

It's as if BackupExec can't get access to the drive more so than it can't
access the files themselves.

On both of these servers, I am able to successfully backup data on other
drives or through other agents (Exchange in the case of one), but not the
C$ drive on one, and not the D$ drive on the other. Wierd.

Any help greatly appreciated.