I am performing a test disaster recovery restore of my mission-critical
application's DB and am running in to problems. I installed 2k and Sql 7
with all the same patches as on my production DB.

Now what I want to do is test the restoration process per the manual. First
I restore the master while in single user mode. It gets written over with no
problem except for one thing. Even though I have the "restore all databases
to default drive" checkbox checked, when I try to start the master after the
restore, it crashes because it can't find the model database. On the
production server it is on the d: drive. On this test box the entire sql
installation and data are on the c: drive.

I have tried this several different ways and can't seem to get the
redirection to remap the DB file locations within the master. My assumption
was that is what that checkbox was supposed to do.

Any suggestions?