Guys (and ladies) - I think I'm going mad.


I have installed Backup Exec 8.5 r3572 3 times on an NT4 Server SP6a with
SQL 7 installed - nothing
unusual here.

Issues noted.

Installation runs fine but I when I run Backup Exec I see some strange things:

Under notification - I can't see and configured events, infect if I try to
add anything Backup Exec crashes.

In the registry there is nothing under

Alert Service takes up 25% of CPU

In the Registry we see the following errors:-

EventID 33489 Fatal Error - Attempt to access the Alert Server singleton
object failed.
EventID 33495 Fatal Error - Fatal Error - Unable to initialize the Alert
EventID 33503 Fatal Error - The Alert Server was unable to connect to the
Notification Server.

What I've done to try to resolve this.

Tried to re-install 3 times, one normal uninstall, a second with a complete
deletion of backup
software - files and reg keys which delete the services in the registry and
the Veritas common files.
I tried this a further time because I've never seen this issue before.

Any help would be grateful