Hi BE Admins,

I have used Arcserve for several years and I just installed Backup Exec 8.6
rev 3878. I have also just read the whole Backup Exec Administrator's guide.

Can anybody explain Backup Exec's logic/philosophy in using the terms
1) Media ID
2) Media Label
3) Media Name (This is the problematic one ...)
4) Media Description

My own current understunding is the following:
1) Media ID
- Comparable term in Arcserve is Random ID
- BE example: {08A4759E-C0F9-48CD-978D-FB4B5D4B8F82}
- This is logical and easy. Administrator Manual, p. 302: "Media ID is a
unique label assigned by backup Exec to individual media used in Backup Exec.
The media ID is used INTERNALLY by Backup Exec in order to keep statistics
on each media."

2) Media Label
- Comparable term in Arcserve is Serial Number
- BE example: DLT000001
- This is also quite logical. Administrator Manual, p. 300: "When new, blank
or unlabeled media is used during a backup operation, Backup Exec automatically
labels the media. This label, called a media label, consists of a prefix
that identifies the type of media, and an incrementing number."

3) Media Name
- Comparable term in Arcserve is Media Name
- BE example: ServerName_JobName_DateTheJobWasInitialized
- This could be logical, but I feel it is not. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Administrator Manual, p. 101: Backup Job Properties|General tab options:
Media name: Specify a label for the new or overwritable media. This label
is used to identify the media in the Media and Restore Selections tabs."
=> You can see the Media Names in the Restore Selections tab, but only after
you have changed from Volume view to Media view.
=> You cannot see Media name in Media Selection tab (or is it somehow possible???),
quite strange and not logical at all.
=> Sometimes the Administration manual talks about media name, but you soon
realise that it is just a typo, really the manual is talking about the media
=> The only two places where I have found Media name to be shown are Restore
Selections tab (when using Media view) and reports tab, Backup Sets Report
(but there then Media Label information is missing!). Otherwise, the Media
Name information is always missing, you can only see Media Label, ID and
Description information.

4) Media Description
- Logical: Administrator Manual, p. 302: "If media is imported, the original
media label is displayed under the heading Media Description. You can edit
the media description,...".