I've run into a rather unusual problem (at least, I can't find
mention of it on the Veritas or Quantum support sites)with one of my
Snapservers...specs: backup exec 8.6 on a win2000 server,
snapserver model 4000 (240 GB, raid 5), snap OS 3.1; thousands
of small files.

Basically, Veritas opens files on the Snapserver to back them up
but doesn't close them when the back up job is completed. When
I look at the Open Files on the Snapserver, Veritas has literally
thousands of files open. In order to retrieve the files from Veritas,
I have to restart the Snapserver.

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem...I am
not sure if it is a Veritas problem or a Snapserver problem, as
I'm backing up 4 other snapservers (different models, same OS)
with out this problem and would appreciate any ideas or suggestions.

Thanks for your help,