This has been asked a few times in the past, but I really see no confirmed
'fix' for it. I'm running win2k server and BE8x with Outlook 2000 installed.
I am logged in as the service account, I can email all over the place.
When setting up the email notification, I get the classice error "could not
log on to e-mail system under the account...the e-mail profile name and password
specified must be configured for the current logged in account and the account
under which the Backup Exec....etc"
I've followed the directions under
to the letter and nothing. I've reconfigured email profiles over and over.
I know it's "ms exchange settings" for the profile name. I know my password.
I've stopped and restarted the Backup Exec services. Still nothing.
Does anyone have any ideas to help me through this? (other than chucking
it out the window).

Thanks in advance.