Just purchased a Dell PowerEdge server which came with a Dell-bundled version of BackupExec SBS 8.6 including
IDR. The IDR setup seems to run fine.

However, this page http://seer.support.veritas.com/docs/243004.htm suggests that:

"...As the IDR option is not available using SBS 2000 the error occurs when Backup Exec searches for files needed for
the IDR process in the \WINNT\System32 directory. to avoid the issue ensure to make the appropriate IDR registry
changes (as mentioned above) and reboot the server."

I have seen murmurings elsewhere (Windows NT SBS mailing list) that suggest that IDR doesn't work with Win2kSBS.
Was I sold a "bill of goods" by Dell - software that won't do what they told me it would when I ordered?

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