I'm trying to get the Netware agent working with BE7.0 and Netware 3.2.

I have the agent loaded, gateway for netware services running and a password
entered for a supervisor equivilant account. I believe the problem is in BE
accessing the Netware server, since I can browse to it fine within Explorer.

I've tried deleting and recreating the password database a few times, but it
doesn't seem to help.

When using the Netware agent there isn't an error in the log, it just
doesn't backup any data or subdirectories. (see log clip below)

I also tried to backup the volumes via the "Netware or Compatible" network
section, however it gives an access denied error in the log, which points me
to a password database problem, but I don't know. The Attach as in the
Network menu is grayed out.
Any suggestions appreciated! thanks in advance.

Performing Agent Accelerated backup

Media Name: "Media created 02/01/02 05:42:06 PM"
Backup of "TUS2.NetWare File System/TUS2/VOL2: VOL2:"
Backup set #28 on storage media #2
Backup set description: "Normal:Normal"
Backup Type: NORMAL - Back Up Files - Reset Archive Bit
Backup started on 2/2/02 at 1:07:25 AM.

Backup completed on 2/2/02 at 1:07:32 AM.
Backed up 0 files in 1 directory.
Processed 241 bytes in 7 seconds.
Throughput rate: 0.002 MB/min