I have been getting the following error message since the 2nd day of running
Backup Exec 8.6 on our Windows NT 4.0 (sp6) server:

"Physical Volume Library Drive Not Found"

Anyone have any idea what causes this? I've done the following:

- Verified the computer can see the SCSI tape drive.
- Verified the Tape Drive is installed and running.
- Verified the Tape Drive was on the Veritas compatibility list.
- Restarted the server.
- Recreated the Backup job.
- Attempted to run several different types of jobs: Inventory, Erase (both
short and long), another backup job.

Things I have not done:
- Tried another tape (one was not available at the time). However it's been
reported to me that it doesn't matter that what tape is in, the job still
- Cleaned the drive.

Help Help! Thanks in advance to anyone that can provide me with any information.