We were a Netware 5.0 site with Backup Exec for Netware, Open File
Option (OFO) and Intelligent Disaster Recovery (IDR).

Now we have added a Win2K server. Our Veritas re-seller advised us to
migrate to Backup Exec for Windows NT/2000 and use the Netware agent.
(Apparently this is better than staying with Backup Exec for Netware and
using the WinNT agent, because the WinNT agent doesn't backup the
registry, etc. in Win2K. I understand that a Win2K agent exists in
beta.) He has also advised us to buy OFO and IDR again, because there is
no migration path. In this new scenario we would not have OFO or IDR
functionality on the Netware server, and the OFO and IDR software we
bought a year ago for the NW server will be redundant. To backup both
servers with OFO and IDR functionality on both, we would need separate
Backup Exec installations and backup drives on each server.

There must be people out there running Win2K and Netware servers. Have
any of you been through this and come to the same conclusion, or am I
missing something?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Dennis Leachman

PS: if anyone is interested in pristine copies of OFO and IDR for
Netware please contact me!