The only hop in between is a switch that seems to be working fine. Norton
Antivirus is installed on the backup server and servers being backed up,
but I believe the slowness was present before it was installed. I could
try disabling it to be sure, though.

The drive is an AIT-1 drive, by the way, but I seem to recall that compressed
transfer rates for those things is something like 6MB a second...?

"Ken Putnam" wrote:

If you are gettng 100MB/min, then AutoNegotiate is not your porblem. IF
were getting 3-4 MB/min, then it would be the place to start

Is/are all hops in between also responding OK
Anything else running during the backup (anti virus scan)
any OGL screen savers?

"Terry" wrote:
>I'm experiencing very slow backups -- barely above 100MB/min. I've

>posts here that recommend disabling auto-negotitate to resolve this

> What I'm wondering is, are there known issues with BENT and auto-negotiate,
>or are people who recommend this solution simply speculating that

>isn't working right? I ask because I can confirm that the NIC in

my server
>is negotiating to 100mb/Full Duplex, and I can get full 100mb bandwidth

>and from it with a test program.