BENT is driving me to distraction...Am I missing something?
I have NT4 sp6a server, BENT 8.5. Compaq Tape library TL891.
I have 3 different media sets: FULL, DIFFERENTIAL & SPECIAL.
My overwrite options are 'Media Overwrite Protection Level' set to Full and
'Media Overwrite Options' set to 'Overwrite recyclable media contained in
the targeted media set before overwriting scratch media.'
On Friday I had to run a special backup. I loaded two tapes which are in
the 'SPECIAL' media set and created the job to use the 'SPECIAL' media set.
The tapes had no overwrite protection. When the job started, it chose one
of the tapes from the 'FULL' media set. Grrr!
Any ideas why is this? I would be really grateful for any hints.