I'm running Backup Exec Single Server 7.2 rev 1223 and am having
problems backing up workstations with Agent. I have IPX/SPX running on
the server and workstations. The server is running NT 4.0 w/SP4, and
the workstations are running Win95a and Win98. I downloaded the latest
Agent software and installed it on the workstations, and I'm able to
find the workstations in BE at the server and schedule them for
backup. When the job runs, it appears it has failed but then continues
the backup. I have changed the number of SPX connections at the
workstation to 60. Is there something else I'm missing to get this to
work reliably? Here is the log from the

================================================== ====================
Job server: SERVER
Job name: SMITH
Job started: Monday, September 24, 2001 at 11:00:06 PM
Job type: Backup
Log file: BEX04.txt
================================================== ====================

Drive and media information from media mount:
Drive Name: Seagate 1
Media Cartridge Label: MC000012
Targeted Media Set Name: Media Set 1

================================================== ====================
Job Operation - Backup
Media operation - append.
Software compression enabled.
================================================== ====================

Media Name: "Media created 09/24/01 07:00:06 PM"
Backup of "BSMITH/Drive-C "
Backup set #4 on storage media #1
Backup set description: "SMITH"
Backup Type: COPY - Back Up Files
Backup started on 9/24/01 at 11:09:52 PM.
Drive is not responding. Backup set aborted.

Backup completed on 9/24/01 at 11:40:01 PM.
Backed up 3112 files in 194 directories.
Processed 339,566,334 bytes in 30 minutes and 9 seconds.
Throughput rate: 10.741 MB/min
Software compression ratio: 1.4:1
Unable to attach to BSMITH/Microsoft Windows Registry.
The server has refused the network connection, or is out of network
connections.Unable to attach to BSMITH/Microsoft Windows Registry.

================================================== ====================
Job ended: Monday, September 24, 2001 at 11:45:25 PM
Job completion status: Failed
================================================== ====================