We're running Backup Exec 8.6.0 rev 3808 rc5 Datacenter Server addition on a
Windows 2000 Advance Server. We backup Netware 5.1 servers using the
current Remote Agent 8.50 April 4, 2001 addition (beremote.nlm). I've
actually noticed the following behavior even when we were running BE 8.5.

Basically for some reason the Backup Exec server logs into the Netware
server (via IP) and creates a connection. However when it is done, the
connection is not logged off. So after a few weeks of nightly backups, a
server may have one connection for every day the backup has run! After a
month that starts adding up! What is even more peculiar is that I can't
clear the connections using the "monior" directly on the netware server.