We upgraded BE from 8.5 to 8.6 (it is on NT4 sp6a with exchange 5.5)and also
backing up 2 remote servers (1 is NT 4 sp5 and the other is 2000 sp2)and
1 remote workstation (this is 2000 sp1 and never had any version of BE before).
For the remote windows 2000 PC's I updated (pushed out from the backup server)
the remote agent as well as the OFO and rebooted , and when backing up I
get "The following servers were found to be running incompatible Remote Agent
for Window NT/2000. Please ensure that the remote computers are upgraded
with the appropriate Remote Agent for Windows NT/2000". (I uninstalled from
the pc's and installed again). On the NT 4 server with sp5 I got an OFO:Insufficient
system resources exist to initialize OFO. OFO:Initialization failure on
.... on one of the drives. On the exchange server (the server BE is on)
it failed to find 6 directories for the Internet Mail Services. This may
be an anomaly though (or maybe not). Any help would be appreciated.