Environment: BENT 8.0 Rev 3316 Running on a SAServer, WinNT 4.0 with SP5,
ADIC Autoloader and COMPAQ\QUANTUM DLT 7000 single tape drives, all using
DLT35/70 media (the ADIC and 7000's are mutually compatible for media)

Problem: For several weeks our Exchange 5.0 backup has failed. Restore
screens place the red stop sign on the mailbox backup set; the BENT log file
indicates one item skipped, but never indicates what it was that was skipped
(searching the text file for "skip" results in no matches except the concluding
summary. We've checked the NT event logs for errors, but nothing matches
up. The Local NTFS backup, Exchange Directory and Exchange Information Store
backups are flawless, according to all logs.

We don't have a clue, its not due to hiddenmailbox recipients, and our only
apparent recourse is to bring down the exchange server, run edbutil and isinteg,
then recreate the backup job definition and hope it works> We'd rather not
do that, so any and all feedback will be more than appreciated. Call me
at 800-717-2886, ext 6724.