I have been sinking ever since I swapped out my Small Business Server 4.5 with ArcServeIT for
Small Business Server 2000 with Veritas 8.5. I literally have not have a decent backup Scheme
for about a month. This kills me especially since I think backup and
antivirus are the two most important investments after SBS.

So my question is what is the best rotational scheme and how many media do I
need (I have about 15-20 4mm 12-25gb DDS-3 tapes)?

I used to use ArcServe's GFS which had a 1 media set for Mon-Thur that would
just get overwritten each week, then 1 media set for every Friday (a take
offsite full backup) and then 1 media set for end of the month (also a take
off site set)

Now, with Veritas, I cant seem to figure out how to set this scheme up.


Thanks vm