I actually have two problems. The first one is that we will put for
example, 5 new tapes in a device that holds 20. So we have the first 5
slots with tapes in them and the rest empty. When we put them into the
Storage Works SSL 2020 and it does an inventory on them automatically. It
shows up in devices as and that's ok...I think. Anyway, we
labeled 2 tapes and we have our backups set to only run on 1 tape for 4 days
and then move to the next one. My question is, does it use the creation
date as the date for checking to see if the 4 days is up?? That wouldn't
make any sense but it seems to be doing that.

Next question is, sometimes our backups will just fail and say cannot find
device and then the device will be offline....what is that??

Any help will be very appreciated!!!