I have an 8 cartridge autoloader (one is a cleaning cartridge). I have a MS
SQL 7 database that I backup and I would like to take the previous days
backup off site when I leave for home. Will the following work?

1. Create a backup that makes a full backup starting at tape one and
appending a new backup Monday through Friday nights.

2. On Tuesday, after the first Monday BU, I remove the magazine and insert
another one that has the tapes numbered the same. Let this second magazine
tape the Tuesday BU. Wednesday morning switch the magazines back. Continue
in this fashion switching the magazines everyday.

I am using Veritas BU Exec V8.5 for NT/2000 and will soon upgrade to V8.6.

Any comments would be appreciated. I'm new to tape backups and I don't have
a situation in which I can do much playing around to see what works.