Hello, we just upgraded to 8.5 and have been experiencing problems with our
Unix Agent backup jobs. Lately we have seen the jobs fail with the message
that the drive is not responding. Sometimes it backs up 6 gigs and sometimes
it backs up 20 gigs. I am trying to nail this down as a network problem.
I have been able to get a complete job on the weekend with no failures when
the network traffic is less. With the state of our network at times I am
leaning towards this as the problem. I just want to be sure to check out
every other possibility first. The network cards are setup properly on my
Unix boxes, actually I haven't changed anything on them in quite a while.
8.0 didn't have these problems as I recall, a few times in the last year
I saw drive not responding but usually when I new there were network problems.
Is the error "Drive Not Responding" mainly a network related message? Any
advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.