I am running BENT 2000 Advanced Server v8.5 on W2K Advanced Server. I have
a W2K Professional on the same subnet & domain running the Remote Agent (intalled
locally because push didn't work).

Like so many posts I see here, I can see the WS in the BE GUI under "Entire
Network - Microsoft Windows Network - {domain} - {ws}" but when I try to
expand from there it fails with "An Extended Error Has Occured".

This seems to be the same problem reported over and over again in this newsgroup.
I have tried the following reported solutions:

1) Downed BENT - Renamed bewinui.uni - Brought BENT back up
2) Installed Appletalk protocol
3) Uninstalled all BENT (argh!) on both server and WS and reinstalled.

I have no packet filtering to prevent port 6103 access between these two
machines. I have spent countless hours trying all these solution - to no

If anyone has ANY other ideas/solutions for me to try - PLEASE let me know!!